Our Community

Maruti Papers prides itself on being a responsible corporate citizen. We contribute to the well being of our community in the following ways:

  • A close eye on the environment : As a manufacturing company, Maruti Papers is committed to conserving natural resources and environmental protection is our top priority. 100 percent of our manufacturing is from recycled paper, which is sourced from India & abroad. We are committed to act sustainably in the interest of our customers, our business and the natural environment.
  • Education for underprivileged girls : We understand that education is the key to progress in life and the way forward. The Aajeevika centre was set up in Shamli, under the aegis of our NGO (Shamli Jan Seva Samiti), in April 2013 with the aim of making girls and women independent through livelihood training. The centre began with four basic courses – Tailoring, Beauty and wellness, Computer Literacy and English Speaking; all geared to promote self reliance and confidence in these young girls. Each course is a 3 month program taught for one hour daily. A certificate of completion is awarded on successful completion of the course. Currently there are 800 + students at the center. Among these there are many students (over 80 in number) who are doing all the four courses.
    A new centre was started in Sikka Village in April 2014. We offer the Beauty & wellness and Tailoring course at this centre. There are currently 160 girls enrolled. Both the centres operate as completely free of cost learning centers for the students.
  • Apna Ghar Ashram : Together with other eminent citizens of Shamli, we have established an Ashram in Shamli that works for those people who have been abandoned & need our help. We give homage, hope and happiness to homeless, destitute, oppressed, helpless, abandoned, mentally and physically sick, injured, infected, old aged and people in dying condition. These persons are generally found on railway stations, bus stands, religious and other public places in very unhygienic, critically diseased and painful condition. Nobody comes forward to help or even to touch them. So due to lack of food, medicine and care their condition becomes more and more critical. They are just going towards a lingering and painful death. We make our best effort to reduce their pain, save their lives and give them a homely environment. Food, shelter, and medical treatment is provided free of cost. After recovery the organisation rehabilitates them by various ways so that they can live a respectful social life.
  • Addressing the specific needs of the community in which we live :
    ❖ We have got 5 hand pumps installed in Sikka village to provide clean water.
    ❖ We have adopted 10 government schools in Shamli in which we regularly donate computers, school uniforms, school bags, stationery, tat patti to sit, books, note books and other learning aids to the children. We also make arrangements for lights, fans and inverters in these schools to make learning comfortable for the children.
    ❖ We have got 2 solar street lights installed in Sikka village for the convenience of the villagers. There is erratic power supply, and the solar lights are extremely helpful in the dark evenings & nights.

Our endeavour is to develop a business model that not only creates economic value but also creates a positive impact on society while doing business.