Our Products

Maruti Papers produces superior quality kraft paper to meet the growing needs of the packaging industry. Strongly market driven, our focus is on Value Addition, New Product Development, Quality Enhancement and Sustainability. We constantly endeavour to enrich relationships and deliver ever increasing satisfaction levels to our valued customers.

The paper produced by MPL is eco- friendly as the pulp is manufactured out of renewable raw material and is free of any hazardous chemicals. As the paper is acid free, it has enhanced permanency in terms of strength characteristics.

Grammage Range: 120 - 220

Our kraft paper is used for making packaging products with high demands for strength and durability, mainly corrugated boxes.

Other than boxes, kraft paper can be utilized for many different purposes:

  • As a plastic hazard free paper in paper sacks for cement, food, chemicals, consumer goods, flour bags etc.
  • Electrical insulation in large oil-filled transformers & in electrical components, providing a sturdy yet inexpensive means of protecting the material.
  • Paper grocery bags, multi wall sacks and other packaging.
  • An inexpensive material for lining particle boards.
  • The base paper for sandpaper.
  • It is an ideal medium for home crafts, including for drawing & innovative gift wrapping.
  • In the publishing industry, kraft paper is often used as the lining for the inside cover spine of hardback books.
  • Envelopes for both mailing and use as interoffice communications are often made with it, owing to the relative thickness and sturdy nature of the paper.

Here are some amazing ways in which you can use kraft paper in your everyday life.

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